XVIII International AIDS Conference


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The pedagogic project of prevention of STD/HIV/AIDS and substance abuse psychoactive a school of special education network in the city of Itabuna, Bahia, Brazil

M. Lemos

Colégio Sistema De Ensino, Itabuna Bahia, Brazil

Issues: While AIDS is seen almost exclusively as a problem in the health sector, the College system thought to develop a project capable of meeting the difficulties of teachers and the concerns of students in the discussion on STD prevention, prejudice, discrimination, education and sexuality. Sexuality, as human existential dimension, is an essential part of healthy living and expressions of sexuality are key factors in the lives of children, adolescents and young people may also be a source of distress and anxiety. The advent of AIDS education requires an active and creative attitude.
Description: The choice of participatory methods of prevention reinforces the importance of integrating more dynamic forms that allow the students to manifest through different channels of expression, mainly when dealing with issues, beyond the aspect of cognitive development, involving issues related to body, emotions and affection;
It was possible to create a network of discussion of sexuality in the context of school development work with lectures and educational workshops and creating informational materials and preventive.
Lessons learned: The need for a gradual and continuous approximation, by the student, the object of learning so that it is not treated, especially when they are involved questions of values, behaviors and attitudes;
Importance of prevention of STD / AIDS be included in the school´s pedagogical project, which provides a more consistent approach and continued with the students;
A positive association between teacher training and development activities of the theme in question.
Next steps: Further develop the work of awareness and information, aiming break the resistance of the school community and family strengthening the protected areas of dialogue and discussion.

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