XVIII International AIDS Conference


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National exhibition of the health and prevention in Brazilian schools project

N. Vieira1, J. Silva1, M. Braga2, M.R. Gomes2, M.D.F. Malheiro3, I. Botão4, J. Kraiczyk4

1Ministry of Health, STD/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis Department, Brasília, Brazil, 2UNESCO Brazil, Educação, Brasília, Brazil, 3Ministry of Education, Brasilia, Brazil, 4Ministry of Health, STD/AIDS and Hepatitis Department, Brasília, Brazil

Issues: The Exhibition is a strategy designed to boost the implementation of the National Health and Prevention in Schools Project (HPS) throughout Brazil; a space for exchanging experiences and qualifying people professionally involved in education, health or with young people. HPS is a joint initiative of the Ministries of Health and Education in partnership with UNESCO, UNICEF and UNFPA and its main objective is to unfold actions articulated among the health services and schools designed to promote health, sexual and reproductive rights, and prevention against STD/HIV/AIDS among adolescents and young people.
Description: Three Exhibitions have been held so far involving three thousand participants including managers and professionals from the fields of health and education, and representatives of universities, civil society and young people's organisations. Activities include thematic workshops, round tables, conferences and reporting on experiences in implementing the Project in the various Brazilian states; an opportunity for learning, dialoguing and exchanging experiences.
Lessons learned: The exhibition has been consolidating itself as a strategy for reflecting on the themes of the HPS project and strengthening the messages. It aggregates new actors and partners, mobilises teachers from all over the country, promotes exchanges of experiences, and presents the actions being unfolded in the schools and services thereby enhancing their visibility. The exhibition is a vital initiative for the implementation of public policies on sexuality education.
Next steps: To continue the process the 4th National HPS Exhibition will take place in 2010 and it is hoped to increase the number of participants, launch educational material prepared for the project, hold workshops and run courses to qualify health and education professionals and those working with young people and to intensify the presentation of accounts of experiences in the interior of Brazil.

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