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1st Virtual Forum on STD/AIDS prevention in Brazil: analyzing the results through the eyes of the participants

D.A. de Souza Ferraz1, A.L. Nepomuceno Silva2, S. Denise1, V. Costa1, A.R. Pati Pascom3, J. Kraiczyk1

1Brazilian STD and AIDS Program/ MoH, Prevention, Brasília, Brazil, 2Brazilian STD and AIDS Program/ MoH, Human Resources and Education, Brasília, Brazil, 3Brazilian STD and AIDS Program/ MoH, Monitoring and Evaluation, Brasília, Brazil

Issues: The collective construction of the AIDS policy is a challenge for countries. Aiming to create a space to expand the participation and sharing of experiences among those involved in HIV prevention, the Brazilian NAP/ MoH created the "1st Virtual Forum on STD/AIDS". Held on the internet for 30 days, thirteen rooms were available to participants, along with prevention videos, reference papers, chats with experts, HIV information. This paper describes the participants' evaluation of the Forum.
Description: All people interested could participate; those who wanted to post comments had to subscribe to the website policy. Over 10.000 accesses were registered, from Brazil and 31 other countries. At the end, an evaluation form was sent to all subscribed participants (1243 people); 357 answered it through an online system. From those, 69% were among 18 and 44yo; 31,5% lived in the southeast of Brazil. Most worked at municipal health secretariats (27,3%), NGO (16,8%) and Universities (14%). Main reasons to participate were to improve professional practice (74,8%) and to exchange knowledge (51,8%). 82,3% felt the Forum answered their expectations. 36,2% didn't post any comments on the debates. The main reason not to post was “lack of time” (19,6%), but an important part referred “not understanding how to post” (13,7%); 9,8%) referred problems with internet connection and nobody referred issues were unattractive.
Lessons learned: Participants adhered to the Forum's purpose of exchanging experiences and learning, even though most of them preferred to do it by reading from others, rather than exposing their own opinions. Clearer instructions on how to post could had encouraged a more active participation.
Next steps: The Forum managed to propose themes of interest and strengthened participation on the debate around the country's HIV prevention policy. The contents learned are being applied on a variety of NAP's activities, including the VIII Brazilian HIV/STI Prevention Conference.

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