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Technical assistance on management, resource mobilization and administration, an effective strategy for improving performance and effectiveness of HIV/AIDS NGO/CBOs

M. Espinosa Avila, G. Mendoza Anaya

Colectivo Sol A.C., Administracion, Mexico, Mexico

Issues: CSOs working on HIV-Aids in Mexico and Central America face important problems in their programmatic performance, due to weak or nonexistent administrative, managerial and financial systems. By placing most of their efforts in prevention and care activities and projects they tend to neglect or to give no importance to other aspects of their work.
Description: Colectivo Sol, in partnership with the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and the Ford Foundation has been providing technical support in project design, implementation and M&E, as well as in management, financial and administration systems to partner CSOs. ColSol identified the need to put more emphasis on the latter given the amount of obstacles partners were facing when drafting their reports, and to respond to partners' demand to address, improve and strengthen their management/admin capacities. A self evaluation tool was adapted and applied to all partner HIV/AIDS CSOs in México and Central America to have a baseline, and personalized technical support was provided, taking into consideration the specific problems or obstacles identified by each CSO. Among the most common problems addressed by ColSol Financial/Admin team were the lack of procedure manuals and guidelines, outdated accounting books, faulty fiscal reporting and payment, and confusion in managing bank accounts. TA provided has substantially improved these aspects among our partners.
Lessons learned: Providing personalized TA to CSOs for improving their management, administration and financial systems is a key step to ensure sustainability and attract more funding; it also helps the organization to improve its prevention and care activities, projects and programs, and provides the organization with a reputation as a serious entity.
Next steps: Providing ongoing TA to CSOs in Mexico to help them become up to standard candidates for Global Fund resources

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