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HIV/AIDS in persons aged 45 years and older- diagnosis of medical care needs in Mexico

H. Barrientos-Bárcenas1, C. Magis-Rodríguez1, E. Bravo-García1, C. Gayet-Serrano2, P. Rivera-Reyes1, M. De-Luca1

1Centro Nacional para la Prevención y el Control del VIH/SIDA - CENSIDA, Dirección de Investigación Operativa, Distrito Federal, Mexico, 2FLACSO Mexico, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Background: Since 1983, start the epidemic of HIV / AIDS in Mexico, it was found that the highest prevalence was in the age group 15 to 44 years, mainly in men. With the advent of antiretroviral (ARVs), now we find a growing increase of persons aged 45 years and older with HIV / AIDS. Objective: Knowing the current situation prevailing in Mexico to propose the measures required for prevention and comprehensive care.
Methods: Situational analysis of people aged 45 and older with HIV / AIDS in Mexico through various sources: CONAPO, services institutional health, review articles and books scientific, databases, interviews.
Results: The estimated total population for Mexico for 2010 is 108, 398 211 (100%) people, of which 53, 229 849 (49.1%) are men and 55 166 362 (50.9%) are women. Of the total population, 24, 690 221 (22.8%) belong to the age of 45 years and over.Cumulative AIDS cases through December 2007: 117, 915 (100%). The persons aged 45 and over was: 22.329 (19.1%) of the total. Of these: 18.692 (19.4%) males and 3.637 (17.9%) women.
People on ART to March 2008: 46.496 (100%). The total number of persons aged 45 and over who received: 11,379 (24.5%). According to the distribution by health institution for this period is: SSA: 3,848 (16.6%); ISSSTE: 1,548 (45.3%); IMSS: 5.983 (30.2%).
Conclusions: We see has been a growing increase of people aged 45 and older with HIV / AIDS as shown by the numbers of people served by health institutions and even it is noteworthy that the ISSSTE provides treatment ART to over 45% and the IMSS to a third of people attending by these health problems. This puts a warning to the health sector to extend the preventive measures and medical care to consider, besides HIV / AIDS, such they are the other chronic-degenerative diseases.

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