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Development of intra-sector and inter-state secretaries actions as a strategy for reducing vulnerability to STD/AIDS among gays, men who have sex with men and transvestites: the experience of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil

M. Giovanetti1, M.C. Gianna2, J. Glória Jr.3, C.M.G. Abreu3, D. Sales4, D.B. Malheiros4

1Coordenação Estadual DST Aids de São Paulo, Prevenção, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2Coordenação Estadual DST Aids de São Paulo, Diretoria Técnica, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 3Secretaria Estadual da Saúde de São Paulo, Coordenadoria de Recursos Humanos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 4Secretaria de Justiça e Defesa da Cidadania do Estado de São Paulo, Coordenação de Políticas para a Diversidade Sexual, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Introduction: The São Paulo State Program for STD / Aids has implemented a state plan to combat AIDS and STDs among gays, men who have sex with men (MHSM) and transvestites. The plan aims to contribute to reduce the exposed vulnerabilities of this population through promotion, prevention and comprehensive health care policies. It consists of five goals divided in targets to be achieved. One of the goals refers to the promotion of policies and intersectoral actions for reducing vulnerability to STD / HIV / AIDS experienced by gays, (MHSM), and transvestites.
Description: In 2009 several actions have been carried out.
1) Intensification of partnership with three strategic government instances: State Program for STD / AIDS, Program for Humanization - both of the State Department of Health - and the Coordination for Policies for Sexual Diversity of the Secretariat of Justice and Defense of Citizenship.
2) Two workshops to health professionals and employees of state hospitals. The first one involved 50 participants coming from the metropolitan region of São Paulo and the second 60 participants from other regions of the state.
Lessons learned: Participants lack of information about sexual diversity and gender identity was observed but awareness of the issue was raised. Participation of lesbians, gays, transvestites and transsexuals talking about their experiences was crucial as participants approached the everyday discrimination, violence and exclusion this group is subjected. A construction of an Action Plan by the institutions attending the workshops was proposed as an attempt to ensure institutional commitment.
Next steps: In 2010 meetings with these two sensitized groups will take place for monitoring the development of the Plan. A second training is also planned. Other actions involving different Government Departments such as Labor, Culture and Social Services will be held.

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