XVIII International AIDS Conference


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Best practices for accountability and information access transparency of state services by civil society

L.A. Quiroz

Derechohabienets Viviendo con VIH del IMSS (DVVIMSS) /Mesxida, Mexico D. F., Mexico

Description: In 2002 the Federal law for Public Access to Public Information as well as the Federal Institute of Information Access, (IFAI in Spanish), are approved by the Mexican Congress. The IFAI and the law that creates it are the tools that the government provides for accountability and monitoring of its work by the people of Mexico. Prior to the creation of the IFAI there was no direct way of monitoring government work. The organization of Insured Workers with HIV of IMSS, (DVVIMSS in Spanish), has used the law for Public Access of Public Information and the IFAI successfully for monitoring programming and verification of AIDS expenditures by the national health system, guarantee the implementation of the national Treatment Guide for people with HIV/AIDS, and obtain the recommendations of violations of human rights by government officials.
Lessons learned: With over 500 requests made to IFAI we have achieved the following:
  • Real numbers of PHIV in treatment in the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS in Spanish), preventing under counting
  • Verification of real expenditures of ARV medications
  • Found bad practices and the prescription of obsolete treatment regimens
  • Implementation of ARV Treatment Guide by service providers
  • Uncovered to the media bad practices of the pharmaceutical industry in the distribution of ARV medications
  • Currently we have DAILY monitoring of ARV Medications supplies in 9 states
Next steps: Using IFAI as an accountability tool civil society organizations can:·
  • monitor government work on HIV/AIDS·
  • expenditures of services·
  • implementation of the ARV Treatment Guide·
  • monitor pharmaceutical companies on their sales of ARV medications to government entities

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