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Temporary antiretroviral therapy during primary HIV-1 infection in Argentina

H. Mingrone1,2, C. Acuipil1,2, E. Cordova1,2, E. Loiza1,2, N. Porteiro1,2

1Infectious Diseases ´F. Muñiz´ Hospital, Outpatient Care Unit, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2IDEAA Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Background: Studies have suggested benefits after initiating highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) during primary HIV infection. Our objective is to assess whether initiation of HAART within 6 months after HIV seroconversion was associated with improvement in viral load (VL) and CD4+T cell count after discontinuation of treatment in an observational cohort.
Methods: We retrospectively analyzed 85 patients assisted at the Outpatient Care Unit of “FJ Muñiz” Hospital from 1998 to 2009 with diagnosis of acute or recent HIV infection. Forty-one out of 85 patients declined treatment (group 1); 43/85 received HAART within 6 months of seroconversion and 12/43 discontinued after 72 weeks (group 2). VL (log10) , CD4+T cell count and gain (cells/ml) at week 96, 120 and 144 after seroconversion were compared between groups. Nonparametric tests were used, all test with level of significance =0,05.
Results: [tab_01]
Conclusions: After initiation of HAART within 6 months of seroconversion, no VL benefits were observed at weeks 24, 48 and 72 after interruption of HAART. On the other hand, initiation of HAART was associated with a CD4+T cell count benefit by week 48 after discontinuation of treatment, but this benefit was lost by week 72.

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