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HIV testing campaigns - an important strategy for the expansion of early diagnosis in the state of Sao Paulo - Brazil in 2008 and 2009

K. Wolffenbuttel1, M.C. Gianna1, M. Salomão2, C.L. Soares1, D.A. Gonçalves1, V. Cervantes1, A. Tayra1, C.A.F. Oliveira2, R.A. Souza1, E.V. Filipe1, Adolfo Lutz Institute HIV Study Group

1STD / AIDS State Program, STD/AIDS Reference and Training Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2Adolfo Lutz Institute, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Issue: In order to reduce the rate of late diagnosis of HIV, the State Program of STD /AIDS of Sao Paulo/Brazil has developed the State Plan for Expansion of Early Diagnosis of HIV (2009 to 2012), having as one of its main strategies annual HIV testing campaigns (HTC), with the purpose of increasing the proportion of people tested of 39.7% (2004) to 80% in 2012.
Description: In 2008 the campaign lasted 11 days and in 2009, 30 days. The state has 41 million inhabitants and includes 645 municipalities, of which 145 are priorities for the control of AIDS. In 2008 the state provided public laboratories with testing kits for HIV and in 2009 decided to conduct tests on a centralized basis assuming the completion of 150,000 tests. In 2008, during the campaign period, 332 municipalities have tested 120,000 people and in 2009, 449 tested 200 thousand. The campaign implementation in 2009 included a preparatory phase pacts in areas of management meetings and incorporated strategies for distance education and subsequent on-line monitoring. The campaign of 2009 had an average of 5 tests per thousand with a prevalence of 0.4% in primary care settings and 1.12 in outreach work with specific populations using the rapid diagnostic method.
Lessons learned: The HTC in SP have amplified the access of population to HIV tests due to the expansion of spontaneous demand for testing services in primary care, especially in small towns. Besides, campaigns arrangements are improving greater integration of primary care and STD / AIDS health programs, contributing for reducing the stigma related to AIDS and HIV testing in the population.
New steps: In 2010 the challenge is to increase access for vulnerable populations, such as drug users, men who have sex with men and sex workers, increasing campaign's HIV prevalence.

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