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Strategic actions of the National Sexual Diversity and HIV Net in Guatemala (REDNADS)

C.H. Romero Prieto

Red Nacional de Diversidad Sexual y VIH de Guatemala, Executive Coordination, Guatemala, Guatemala

Issues: To affect the vulnerability context of the LGBTTT communities. To demand for actions in order to change social, political, religious and cultural structure with a Human Rights based perspective for LGBTTT communities.
The National Sexual Diversity and HIV Net in Guatemala (REDNADS), through the strategic plan 2007-2010, identified potential strategic allies and actions to reach their objective.
In that sense, the first National Campaign against homophobia took place in Guatemala to response against stigma and discrimination as part of the HIV national response. It was an integrated campaign made up by radio messages, posters and the urban buses messages system. The impact of the campaign was assed by questionnaires about perception of homosexual issues among the population.
It was found that only 11% of the people interviewed knew what homosexuality means. Only two of five people would accept living with a homosexual person in his or her house, although they were relatives. Only 26 % would vote for a candidate with a sexual or gender identity different from the heterosexual identity and 30 % still considered homosexuality as an illness. Only 55 % of the people interviewed consider that homosexual people should enjoy all human rights.
Lessons learned: Although Guatemala has a concentrated epidemic, the country needs more qualitative and quantitative studies for a comprehensive knowledge in order to support an integrated response, especially that referred to vulnerability, stigma and discrimination contexts.
Next steps: To make the LGBTTT national strategic plan operative. It was made with the support of PHO/WHO, and it is focus on health and human rights issues.
To implement and follow up the second part of the campaign against homophobia.
To be present and do advocacy in the different political groups REDNADS is involved in.

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