XVIII International AIDS Conference


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Young people living on the street: a challenge for health prevention

S.M. Santos Oliveira1, T. Zampieri Lima2

1Programa Municipal de DST/AIDS do Municipio de São Paulo - Secretaria de Saúde, CTA Henfil, São Paulo, Brazil, 2Programa Municipal de DST/AIDS do Municipio de São Paulo - Secretaria de Saúde, São Paulo, Brazil

Issues: The exposure of youth to HIV is the result of a number of individual, collective and contextual factors. The exclusion of young people among the poorest of the population leads to higher susceptibility to infection and reduced availability of resources for their protection.
Description: A project was created by the government and three NGOs. It constituted a working group to develop, track and monitor actions of prevention against STD/AIDS. It was followed by CTA Henfil - a public health center for preventing STD/AIDS infection - and by the NGOs, following three aspects:
Training health professionals, social workers and art educators, to talk about such topics as sexuality, STD/AIDS prevention and Health Public Policy.
Workshops with children, teenagers and young people - “capoeira”, photography, sexuality & prevention and movies.
Workshops with children and teenagers on the street: Hip Hop, Rap, Break, Graffiti, Tangram video making and playful games.
Lessons learned: Art education workshops increased access to condoms, STD/AIDS testing for youth on the streets.
Listening about the conditions of social and affection life has helped us to ponder about and to find new ways to make viable prevention actions, through their values and living conditions, enabling youth to make and to remake their own choices according to their ideals.
Next steps: To transform these actions in the policy guidelines for the STD/AIDS prevention;
To create alternatives for social inclusion of the youth at social risk, in Sao Paulo town center, strengthening support networks for young people and their families.
To contribute with the reduction of the vulnerabilities of youth in social risk of STD/AIDS.
To promote the artistic and cultural expressions of theirs, and to plan health promotion and prevention among them.

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