XVIII International AIDS Conference


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Networking for life: health promotion among positive women as a fundamental right. Group "Estrella de Vida" Colectivo Sol. A.C.

B. Lòpez Lòpez, H. Pèrez Vàzquez

Colectivo Sol A. C, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Issues: During the last 4 years the National Network of Women with HIV in Mexico has succeeded in positioning the agenda of women with HIV in relevant decision making spaces at national level. At the same time preparing and training a group of 40 positive women whose networking activities advance peer health promotion among women with HIV as a fundamental right and as a community mobilization activity.
Description: The project has trained 40 women with HIV in group management, peer and outreach education and sexual health promotion. PeerEd teams reach out to women with HIV in hospitals, clinics and self-help groups focusing messages on the right to health, the need to act collectively in pursuit of good quality services and of improved patient-doctor relations. Women participating in the project reported higher community involvement, improved relations with health service providers and increased involvement in collective issues. Health services reported reduced costs in care due to improved health conditions of positive women patients. By acting as a network and not as isolated individuals, women with HIV participate more in prevention and health promotion activities targeting girls and women.
Lessons learned: Peer health promotion among women with HIV is a powerful tool to help upscale their quality of life and it is better done when women are fully aware that access to health services is a fundamental right s they can demand and access through collective organizing and pressure.
Next steps: To generate a new prevention-care model for women with HIV in Clínica Condesa in Mexico City and continue strengthening the network of women with HIV.

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