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Talking their talk! Prevention education in Brazilian schools

M.B.A.d.S. Neves1, G. Canela2, N. Vieira3, A.H.d. Moraes2, M.R.O. Gomes1, M.D.F. Malheiro4

1UNESCO, Brasília Office - Education Sector, Brasília, Brazil, 2UNESCO, Brasília Office - Comunication and Information Sector, Brasília, Brazil, 3National AIDS Department, Prevention Unit, Brasília, Brazil, 4Ministry of Education, Basic Education, Brasília, Brazil

Issues: This abstract presents a Collection of audiovisual material: comic books, CD Rom and instructions for teachers that will be used as an awareness raising tool in the classroom. This Toolkit was designed focused in youth, stressing their language related to reproductive health, STI and HIV preventive, people living with HIV/Aids, testing and diagnosis, sexual diversity, stigma e discrimination, gender, vulnerability, use of alcohol and other drugs, peer education. The kit was designed considering the newest technologies focused in youth language.
Description: The Kit consists of 6 magazines, comic books, each one with 2 stories, a reference guide to be used by teachers and CD ROM including the stories, a quiz, a profile of the story characters and the teachers guide. There is a behavioral research in Brazil that shows that youth was asking for new strategies of educative prevention focused on web technologies - as is shown in the CD Rom - and using some graphic materials - comics books - that may start the dialog between teenagers and their parents. The kit is focused to students between ages 13 to 24.
Lessons learned: Sex Education topics were already disseminated in Brazilian Schools, however, teacher training in these subjects must be combined with educational materials that have focused on the youth language. In addition, materials developed from Internet media are well received by teachers and students. The toolkit has been tested in a Brazilian project that links schools around health and prevention themes (SPE Project).These project brings together more than 3000 schools and about 50,000 students. The possibility of being connected to a national project promotes the distribution of Kit and ensures the teacher training in this material by the Ministry of Education.
Next steps: The kit will be printed and distributed by the Brazilian Ministry of Education.

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