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Increase the risk perception for HIV/AIDS and diseases of sexual transmission in Mexican prisoners

M. Santiago

Consultoría en Salud Pública y Gestion Sanitaria AC, Director, DEl. Cuauhtemoc. México D.F, Mexico

Issues: In 2008 the VOCES /VOICES program of Center Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States of America be adapted in 1000 men gay, men who have sex with men, working men of commercial sex, migrant and indigenous of a prison of the Mexico City to increase the risk perception for HIV/AIDS and diseases of sexual transmission (STD).
Description: A Video is showed, where the importance of the relationships, speaking on HIV/AIDS/STD, safe sex, protected sex and negotiation of the condom themes are discussed. In addition, the audience discusses about the problems to adapt safe of sex, development and sexual practice; the mistaken information, technical of negotiation inquires. The correct use of condom was worked in small groups (10 to 15) to suitably place the preservative in “dildos”. The condoms, lubricants and brochures on prevention of HIV/AIDS/STD, safe sex and protected and the use of condom are distributed. Before and during the program, posters are placed in strategic places within HIV/AIDS/STD prevention, use and negotiation of condom, safe sex and protected.
Lessons learned: To the end program, the prisoners developed highest abilities to negotiate the use of the preservative (82%), knowledge on the characteristics and use of the preservative (80%), to use the preservative in the last 30 days of the sexual relationships (70%) and best knowledge on the infection by HIV/AIDS/STD (+95%). In this intervention, the CDC VOICES/VOCES there was not necessary private sessions, small groups and only one gender. The contents arise from the culture and forms to live the epidemic on HIV/AIDS/STD in the Mexican prisoners. Is necessary to modify the indicator: use of the preservative in the last 30 days.
Next steps: Multiplication of the program to other prisoner's Mexican jails including women and training to prisoners like facilitators of the model VOCES/VOICES.

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