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Prevention project with young Brazilian gays and bisexuals

C. Penalvo1,2,3,4, L.F. Zago5, C.D. Quadro6, S. Cardoso7, R. Collares8

1SOMOS- Comunicaçao, Saúde e Sexualidade, Coordenaçao Técnica, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2Luiz Felipe Zago, Pesquisador, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 3Sandro Ka, Artista Gráfico, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 4Claudia de Quadro, Psicóloga, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 5SOMOS- Comunicaçao, Saúde e Sexualidade, Pesquisador, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 6SOMOS- Comunicaçao, Saúde e Sexualidade, Psicologa, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 7SOMOS- Comunicaçao, Saúde e Sexualidade, Artista Gráfico, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 8SOMOS- Comunicaçao, Saúde e Sexualidade, Student, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Issue: Reduce the vulnerabilities of STD/HIV/Aids infection, stigma and discrimination among young gay and bisexual men from 15 to 29 years old living in Porto Alegre - Brazil.
Description: This project among young gay and bisexual men developed from 2007 to 2010, based on the social vulnerabilities and Human Rights as well as in a previous demand research made among the target people foreseeing: interventions on the LGBT meeting places, cultural workshops, website, purchasing LGBT books and films, movie's Festival, informative pamphlets, training courses for Education and Health professionals, supporting group for parents, advocacy actions among public managers and politicians.
Lessons learned:
1. Growing actions: training courses for the staff, interventions in schools and observations of the target people (2007/2008), expansion of the actions with the support of the young trainees (2009), strengthening of the social and advocacy actions (2010).
2. 25,500 preventions materials distributed; 8 workshops for 100 young LGBT; 188 hours of interventions among 5,640 young LGBT; 20 training courses for young LGBT, parents, Educations and Health professionals; 25 supporting group meetings, 8 kinds of informative pamphlets produced and 8,800 distributed.
3. Working with the concept of social vulnerability allows to develop actions that promote the integral health of the target people, thinking prevention as a life project.
4. Having young LGBT people being protagonist of diversified prevention actions is successful.
5. Cultural workshops train young LGBT people in learning artistic techniques, diversifying the knowledge and improving their life quality.
6. It is necessary training LGBT people, their parents, Educations and Health professionals, public managers, politicians about prevention and education on integral health.
Next steps: Programmed actions for sustainability: monitoring schools and health centers, offering workshops in school for students and teachers, producing visual materials for parents, Health professionals and politicians.

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