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Supporting comprehensive sex education through the development of regional technical tools for health workers and teachers: “Glossary of terms of comprehensive sex education, HIV and AIDS for Latin America and the Caribbean”

H. Sucilla Pérez1, J.A. Izazola Licea1, C. García de León1, J.A. Aguilar Gil2

1National Center for the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS, Mexico D.F., Mexico, 2DEMYSEX A.C., Mexico D.F., Mexico

Issues: Ministries of Health and Ministries of Education of Latin America and the Caribbean approved the Ministerial Declaration “Preventing through Education” on August 1st, 2008. This document establishes joint commitments for HIV prevention in children, adolescents and youth by the development of comprehensive sex education tools and the promotion of sexual and reproductive health. Countries involved in this initiative have recognized the need of the adoption o a common language that allows the comprehension of those more useful terms on comprehensive sex education, HIV and AIDS issues.
The National Center for the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS of Mexico (CENSIDA), has developed in collaboration with Mexican and regional experts, a “Glossary of terms of comprehensive sex education, HIV and AIDS for LAC region”. Thirty nine regional experts were invited to collaborate, of these, 19 accepted and were involved in the development process. Technical criteria of the glossary: commented, focused for health care workers and teachers, synthesizes the experience in sex education and sexual and reproductive health in the last 20 years under the framework of the Declaration, based on scientific evidence, human rights, gender, values, non discrimination and a preventive approach. The glossary contents 101 terms, including a regional definition of “comprehensive sex education”.
Lessons learned:
Despite the differences of languages, knowledge, customs and ideologies between countries and experts of the region, the contents of the Ministerial Declaration and the scientific evidence that supports the document, were critical factors for the establishment of regional agreements and consensus for the definition of the concepts included in this glossary.
Next steps:
Share this glossary with Ministries of Health and Ministries of Education of LAC region. This tool may be used by for health workers and educators in their daily activities with children, adolescents and youth population, looking for impact in the promotion of healthy life-styles.

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