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Regional actions in Latin America and the Caribbean on the follow up of the Ministerial Declaration "Preventing through Education": progress report August 2008-December 2009

Presented by Héctor Sucilla Pérez (Mexico).

H. Sucilla Pérez1, J.A. Izazola Licea1, H. Pérez Vázquez1, B. Mayén Hernández2, N. Díaz Pardo1, C. García de León1

1National Center for the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS, Mexico D.F., Mexico, 2AFLUENTES S.C., Mexico D.F., Mexico

Issues: On August 1st, 2008, 31 countries: (30 Ministries of Health and 26 of Education) of LAC region adopted the Ministerial Declaration “Preventing through Education”. The CENSIDA of Mexico had elaborated a regional report of actions focused on achieve the goals of the Declaration.
17 countries of LAC region collaborated in the report. FINDINGS. Supporter factors: funding from international agencies (UN) (100%), planning mechanisms of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health (94% and 88% respectively). Obstacles: economic and financial conditions (71%), geographical and cultural conditions (59%) and Political Context (19%). 100% of the countries implemented HIV/AIDS prevention strategies and articulated actions with NGO's, international agencies and academics. Only 10 countries realized research (needs of children, adolescent and youth). 13 countries realized changes in laws, norms and regulations.1117 trainings and courses were offered in the region (654 delivered by academic institutions and 301 by the ministry of health). 50% of the countries provide information of HIV tests and services at middle school level. Only 9 countries transmitted mass media campaigns.
Lessons learned:
The Declaration, has not been enough socialized. Substitutions of decision makers and managers had affected the operation of actions. There still being some political, social, cultural and economic factors difficulting the positioning of the comprehensive sex education based on scientific evidence on the public health policy agenda. There's an imperative need of the establishment of a Comprehensive Sex Education department in the operative structure of the Ministries of Education in most of the LAC countries.
Next steps: Comprehensive sex education and promotion of sexual and reproductive health strategies based on scientific evidence must not be related with cultural and religious beliefs or political opportunities. Countries must develop a monitoring and evaluation system based on the contents of the Declaration. Governments must allocate specific resources to this initiative.

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