XVIII International AIDS Conference


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Women living with HIV: comuntarias radios giving testimony on the issue of migration and HIV

E. Zavala Torres1, C. Nuñez2

1Salud Intergral para la Mujer A.C. SIPAM, Area de Mujeres y VIH, Mexico City, Mexico, 2Mujeres Fuertes con Esperanza de Vida, Miembro, Mexico City, Mexico

Issues: Migration is a risk factor for HIV to reach women?
Mexico is a transit country for migrants seeking entry to USA It is likely that this situation is a risk factor for HIV transmission.
Description: The project was carried out in collaboration with AMARC SIPAM and who made contact with community radios in different states of Mexico.
The training consisted of providing migration issues, women and HIV, Sexuality and Gender.
Within this training women living with HIV give our testimony. These testimonies were recorded for informative capsules that would be broadcast on community radio source.
It incorporated the proposals of Women Living with HIV so that the capsules were contained information on the Rights of Women, this in an attempt to avoid the stigma and discrimination.
Lessons learned: Knowing the work of the radios directly.
Propose the testimonies of women living with HIV, to educate the migrant population.
Build links with community radio networks and networks of young promoters of sexual and reproductive rights.
Next steps: Dar unceasingly to working with radios, as the work of transmission of information is very important, especially because it comes indíginas and rural communities where there is little access to information, enabling people to learn the topic of HIV, sexuality and ways to prevent STI´s.

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