XVIII International AIDS Conference


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Creating an electronic repository in the Caribbean for the storing, sharing and dissemination of data between organizations

D.R. Arthur1, C. Stewart2

1CARICOM, PANCAP, Georgetown, Guyana, 2Church of God Youth Fellowship, Princes Town, Trinidad and Tobago

Issues: Among the various organizations working within the field of HIV and AID's in the Caribbean, there is a lack of infrastructure that allows for the sharing of information between them to increase the effectiveness of evidence based decisions within the Caribbean region.
Description: PANCAP has the lead responsibility for the sharing and dissemination of Information within the Caribbean Region. An online survey recently conducted revealed that out of the 200 persons who responded, 78% agreed that there was a need to fill the gaps by making specific information compiled by various organizations within the Caribbean available to the public. The compilation of this information calls for an electronic repository that would pull together relevant information from organizations such as PAHO, UNAIDs, etc and making it available for access to the public. The Caribbean would no longer have a segmented approach to collecting and sharing information, but rather a holistic one. This will then enable the use of facts and data to allow for a systematic and synergized approach by decision makers to provide effective evidence based decisions.
Lessons learned:
  • The sharing of information is paramount to provide stakeholders and policy-makers with strategic information;
  • Organizations have been segmented in their approach to collecting information.
  • Only specific organisations collect information pertaining to specific areas, and this information is not readily accessible.
Next steps:
  • Synergy between various organizations should commence in order to draft data sharing plans for the implementation of this repository.
  • PANCAP will become the lead organisation for the implementation of this Information System.
  • Once implemented, the repository will become a tool used by anyone with access to an internet connection who wishes to find relevant information on any topic related to HIV and AIDs in the Caribbean.

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