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HIV/AIDS on different groups of women in Mexico: proposal to disaggregate the estimates

M. De Luca1, C. Magis-Rodríguez1, T. Martz2, E. Bravo-García1

1Centro Nacional para la Prevención y el Control del VIH/Sida, México, Dirección de Investigación Operativa, Mexico D.F., Mexico, 2Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública, Cuernavaca, Mexico

Background: In Mexico we see an absolute increase in the number of AIDS cases in women from about 300 cases in the eighties to 1500 from 2000. In 2006 and 2007 the sex ratio stood at 3.5 men for every new case in women, when this ratio was presented in a 6 to 1 in the nineties. We wonder what women´s groups and populations are those living with HIV / AIDS.
Methods: Suggested methodology used by UNAIDS for the purpose of building a box that allows an overall estimate disaggregated women have been observed in key groups and low-risk populations but vulnerable to the epidemic. We worked with the information available in sizes and prevalences of groups and populations of women. A female population estimated at 30118509 women aged 15 to 49 years in the mid 2009 (CONAPO 2006).
Results: The estimate of women Living with HIV / AIDS as key or vulnerable population group in Mexico in 2009, shows that there would be 48,000 women living with HIV / AIDS, mainly in the population of United / Married (17220), women international migrants (7000) Transgender (6000), single women with sexual practices (4400), FSW (4000), divorced or separated women who have unsafe sex (3000), female partners of male migrants (1650), IDU women (1100), pairs of prisoners (1050) and the rest is distributed to women who are partners of military, IDU, women prisoners, women who discontinued the practice of sex and some other groups.
Conclusions: The growth of HIV / AIDS among Mexican imposes the need to pay attention to the identification of subgroups of women who are at increased risk of infection to facilitate better prevention and treatment coverage across the country. With this objective is providing an estimate with greater breakdown where approximate displayed so women with HIV / AIDS in Mexico.

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