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Human rights database: documenting cases of human rights violations related to HIV

A. Pires Pinto1, M. Pereira2, R. Duda2, N. Lima2, G. Casimiro2

1International Center for Technical Cooperation on HIV/AIDS, Brasilia, Brazil, 2Ministry of Health - Brazil, Brasilia, Brazil

Issues: Stigma and discrimination are important components for increasing vulnerability to HIV. The Ministry of Health supports NGOs that provide legal advice for people living with HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable populations as well as follow the cases in the Judiciary. Until Decenber 2006, there was a lack of detailed information about human rights violations related to HIV.
Description: In 2006, the Ministry of Health started to design a database to register cases of human rights violations related to HIV, based on NGOs reports and interviews with civil society networks. The database was launched in January 2007. 126 organizations that work on the field of human rights and legal advice are able for registration. In december 2009, there were 1.447 cases registered related to: discrimination (599), social benefits ( 588), inhuman treatment (240), right to work (89), confidentiality (32), compulsory testing (6) and the right to education (5). Most of the cases refers to the south and northeast of the country (77%). Discussions around human rights violations were launched during two national seminars.
Lessons learned: the data shows the need of strengthening :
1) human rights policies at the south and northeast of the country;
2) the support for NGOs to provide legal assistance and human rights education, specially at the north and central part of the country;
3) the debate around stigma and discrimination with multisectorial partners;
4) campaigns to combat stigma and discrimination.
Next steps: Strengthen the use of this tool for designing policies at national and local levels.

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