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Epidemiological and serologic characteristics of people who use injection drugs, cocaine, crack cocaine followed in addiction treatment center, São Paulo, Brazil

F. Corregiari, T. Helena, D. Trigueiros, C. Dias, P. Van Helden

CAPS ad Capela do Socorro, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Background: The psychoactive substances abuse has been associated with HIV infection because the drug user has difficulty of identifying risky circumstances as unsafe sex practice, multiple sexual partners, sexual violence or sex-for-drug exchanges. Considerable less information about viral hepatitis are available.
Methods: The study's assess the clinical differences among injecting drugs (DI), crack cocaine (Cr), aspirated cocaine (CI) and all others psychoactive substances user(OS) in a public addiction treatment center from June to August 2008. It was included patients who were over 18 years old that answered the ASSIST 2.0 and ASI6 clinical instruments. All those patients were tested for B and C hepatitis, HIV and syphilis.
Fifty five percent of these patients who answered the ASI were tested for infectious diseases such as B and C hepatitis, HIV and Syphilis. Nine of them were assigned as DI, twenty two as Cr, twenty eight as CI and forty two as OS. In this study OS are older than Cr and CI and more frequently they were women (30,5%; p=0,004). The OS and DI patients had a higher positive anti-HBC frequency (p=0,032). Only OS patients showed positive HBs-Ag (4%) but it had no statistical significance. The DI patients had more frequently positive serologic test for HCV (p=0,001). In this sample, only one patient had a positive serologic test for HIV and another for syphilis (VDRL).
Conclusions: The serological trial for hepatitis B, C and HIV must be a routine procedure in an addiction treatment center regardless of the patient's history of injection drug use. The risks and vulnerabilities vary depending on route of administration of drugs. Injection drug users are more vulnerable to viral hepatitis. The alcoholics that do not use cocaine have similar vulnerability to hepatitis B than Injection drug users.

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