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Validation of a medication adherence questionnaire electronic of HIV-infected in routine clinical practice - PICTORIO

M. Henrique da Silva1, C. Relva Basso2, E. Tiaraju de Santa Helena3, M.I. Battistella Nemes3

1CRT-DST/AIDS - Programme State São Paulo, Day Hospital, São Paulo, Brazil, 2CRT-DST/AIDS - Programme State São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, 3Universidade de São Paulo - Departamento de Medicina Preventiva, São Paulo, Brazil

Background: Adherence to HIV antiretroviral therapy is closely associated with viral load suppression, progression to AIDS, and death in HIV-infected people. There is,however, no standardized approach to adherence assessment in routine clinical practice,and several studies suggest that providers rarely estimate adherence better thanchance. The pourpose of our study was to assess the effectiveness of the pictorial questionnaire analogue simplificed medication adherence questionnaire pictorial analogue to self-fulfilling available on the Computer-assisted self-interview technology (PICTORIO) in identifying non-adherent patients under antiretroviral therapy,
Methods: Prospective observational study of adherence. The three-item PICTORIO was developed.The following aspects were evaluated: criterion validity, comparison with electronic adherence monitoring; and reliability, internal consistency and reproducibility.Participants consisting of 90 HIV infected patients . were elected by consecutive sampling in a one services in São Paulo - Brazil, between July 2009 and December 2009. The PICTORIO was administered at month 2
Results: The PICTORIO showed 81,6% sensitivity, 65,4% specificity to identificied non-adherent patients, compared with the medication-event monitoring system Cronbach´s alpha internal consistency coeficient was 0,63
Conclusions: The PICTORIO appears to be an adequate instrument with which to assess adherence in HIV-infected patients, and may be applied in most clinical settings.and A computer-administered interview may be experienced as more neutral and private than either faceto-face interview or survey, potentially increasing patients' willingness to disclose nonadherence

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