XVIII International AIDS Conference


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Effectiveness evaluation of HIV/AIDS prevention programs designed for men who have sex with men by non-governmental organizations in Brazil

M. Cruz1, E.M. Santos1, P.V. Decotelli1, S. Santos2, A. Reis1, A. Pereira2, R. Torres1, LASER/DENSP - Evaluation Laboratory of Endemic Diseases Program

1FIOCRUZ/ENSP, Departamento de Endemias Samuel Pessoa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2FIOCRUZ/ENSP, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Issues: The HIV/AIDS prevention programs of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) in Brazil have focused on men who have sex with men (MSM), particularly in young and most vulnerable group. However, there are few initiatives to evaluate the effectiveness of such programs and verify if they have contributed to sexual behavior and attitude changes in promoting safe sex life and healthy.
Description: A case control study to evaluate the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS prevention programs for MSM by NGO in Brazil and to determine favorable aspects and barriers that affect these actions. Three NGO which had successful preventive actions were selected for further study in order to explain the relationship between intervention and actions of prevention among cases and controls and finally determining the effectiveness based on evaluation criteria established. Data was collected through documental analysis and interviews with managers and users.
Lessons learned: Results show that actions developed by NGO do not necessarily follow what is in the scope of project. Preventive actions are more frequent in areas of interaction between MSM and emphasis on distribution of condoms and educational materials. It has been seen greater involvement prevention among adult MSM from more favorable socioeconomic conditions, while younger MSM are at higher individual and social vulnerability.
Next steps: Most NGO don't have records nor monitor their actions, highlighting the need to implement a system of monitoring and evaluation. It is important to develop different strategies to face the methodological challenge of addressing research control subjects.

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