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Evaluation of quality management program for hospital´s pharmacies in Argentina

C. Balleri, P. Zubieta, V. Curras, F. Di Sarli, G. Gonzalez Capdevila, M. Mendizabal, P. Pardo, C. Falistocco

Ministerio de Salud de la Nación (Ministry of Health), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Issues: The Direction of AIDS and STIs of Argentina´s Ministry of Health defines and coordinates the HIV/AIDS care policies at a national level. Currently, the AIDS programme distributes antiretrovirals for 29000 patients throughout the country. In 2009 a quality management program for hospital´s pharmacies was developed, in order to improve dispensation and utilization of antiretroviral drugs. It consisted in evaluations to 35 hospitals located in the regions with the highest HIV prevalence (17155 patients).Such evaluations were made of 3 interviews where a semi-structured questionnaire was applied to the heads of the pharmacy service, in order to know the development of pharmaceutical care at each site, and the drug management was evaluated in terms of evaluation of stock and requests; and the update of the implemented treatments.
Description: 34% of the patients were not informed to the Direction of AIDS. Furthermore, differences due to the lack of update of the information of the treatments could be evidenced. The evaluation of the stocks allowed to make a redistribution of drugs among the different regions, for a total of U$s 401,296.32. In only 80% of the evaluated hospitals the drug dispensation is made by a pharmacist, and only in 36% of the interviewed pharmacies a pharmacotherapeutic follow-up is being done.
Lessons learned: The main limitations at the management level are due to the lack of specialized human resources, computerization and computers. It is also observed a lack of knowledge about the national norms for antiretroviral provision.
Next steps: Strenghten the strategies of knowledge management, and of handling of information from the effectors towards the central level, through a continuing education and qualification from the Direction of AIDS to the pharmacists. Develop a computerized system for drug management through all the steps.Sensitize the provincial authorities of the importance and need of implementing pharmaceutical care.

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