XVIII International AIDS Conference


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HIV is a viral infection not a moral one

R.E. Carrizo1,2

1Red Latinoamericana de Personas con VIH/SIDA (RedLa+), Panama, Panama, 2Red Argentina de Personas con VIH/SIDA - RedAr+, Buenos Aires, Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Issues: Multidimensional response to HIV-related stigma rates in Argentina in order to develop policies to lower discrimination.
Description: In Argentina HIV-related stigma and discrimination hinder access to care and human rights. 60% of people living with HIV report violations of their rights. 61, 6% of men who have sex with men have felt discriminated because the live with HIV while 64, 7% of the HIV positive heterosexuals have claimed the same. More HIV positive women (64, 6%) state feeling discriminated than HIV positive men (52%).Even though there are experiences of stigma- related violence there's very little documentation this is why investigating levels and stigma types is a key issue. Applying “PLHA Stigma Index” in Argentina will allow understanding the reasons that hinder access to different services and inform the development of suitable strategies. Understanding whether stigma is the result of an HIV diagnosis or to other reasons such as sexual orientation, drug use or sexual work is a key element.
Lessons learned: The process must include every stakeholder within the response to HIV so that they participate on the process and the results ensuring people living with HIV nets' leadership. Adjusting global process to local needs is very important.
Next steps: Protocol and sampling development, bibliography review, interviewers' training and interview's application. The survey results will be used to generate political advocacy and awareness actions. We will train civil society members in legal issues as well as human rights defense and promotion.

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