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The HIV prevention campaign “Post Offices Fighting Against AIDS” in Brazil

J.A. Braga1, P. Chequer2, N. Chaves2, J. Cortes2, M. Silva3, A.L. Monteiro4

1Os Correios, Brasília, Brazil, 2UNAIDS, Brasilia, Brazil, 3Ministry of Communications, Brasilia, Brazil, 4Ministry of Health, Brasilia, Brazil

Issues: For the first time in Brazil, Post Offices have joined HIV prevention efforts.
Description: Brazil is one of the seven pilot-countries the Global Campaign “Post Offices Fighting Against AIDS”, an initiative launched in 2009 by UNAIDS, UPU, ILO and UNI Global Union, which intends to mobilize the unrivalled physical network of 600,000 post offices around the world for HIV prevention.
In Brazil, the National Post Offices, the Ministry of Communications, UNAIDS, the Ministry of Health, ILO and FENTECT join the campaign. The goal is for the more than 12,000 Brazilian post offices to become strategic spaces for the distribution of HIV prevention material.
The campaign material and messages were adapted to local needs and specificities, making use of the Brazilian experiences in the area of HIV-Prevention: IEC campaigns have sought to provide clear and direct messages about transmission routes, including the use of condoms as first choice prevention method for the sexually active population.
The Brazilian proposal goes beyond the international initiative by delivering a special letter with HIV prevention messages to all households of pilot regions (Federal District and selected municipalities of Bahia and Amazonas). However, the plan is to reach all households until 2011. Besides, a web site was developed containing campaign materials available for download, amongst others (www.correioscontraaids.org.br).
Lessons learned: Due to their nationwide network, National Post Offices are strategic partners for the dismissing of HIV prevention messages: for the first time in Brazil, families will be receiving HIV prevention messages at home. Furthermore, the campaign will mobilize post offices employees as multipliers of preventive information.
In addition, the experience proved that global campaigns can be a powerful instrument, but methods and materials must be adapted to the specific country situations.
Next steps: Distribution of HIV prevention messages have started in three preliminary regions: the Federal District, Bahia and Amazonas.

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