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The first attention center for transgender population in Mexico City: experiencies and challenges for transgender health attention

R. Jara Espino1, F.J. Arellano-Ayala2

1Clinica Especializada en HIV/AIDS Condesa (Mexico City AIDS Program), Transgender Unit, Mexico City, Mexico, 2Clinica Especializada en HIV/AIDS Condesa (Mexico City AIDS Program), Prevention Department, Mexico City, Mexico

Issues: In Mexico the transgender population is one of the most stigmatized and discriminated population. Transgender people have higher HIV and STI´s prevalence and other important health issues, as the injection of substances and the hormonal therapy without medical supervision. On other hand they are exposed to the authorities extortion and the violence in the streets; there is not an estimation or census about the number of transgender persons in the city.
Description: With the aim to improve the access to health attention for transgender persons, in July 2009 the Mexico City AIDS Program launched the first center for health attention for transgender population in Mexico and with the secondary objective to estimate the number of transgender persons in the city. Currently, has attended more than 132 transgender persons (before attended just 122 transgender people) between 15 to 60 years old (age average: 31 years old), most of them are HIV positive (82 of 132 ) and 110 (110 of 132) receive hormonal therapy. One important find, is that more than 80% of this sample use the hormonal therapy without medical supervision with important implications for their health. Other relevant health issue is the important number of them (60%) who uses mineral and industrial oil with the purpose to feminize their apparel.
Lessons learned: Sensible and specialized personnel in hormonal therapy, gender and sexology is crucial for this population. It is also important to provide psychological and psychiatrically supervision during all the complex process of sex-reassignment. Is important too, to provide to this population the knowledge and the skills to avoid some harmful behaviors. NGOs and transgender community was involved at the early steps of the project, to give counsel and recruiting people.
Next steps: To enlarge the medical attention with more personnel and increase the psychological and psychiatrically support.

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