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Rol of HIV educational program for a behavior change in the Venezuelan cadets

R. Lopez1, C. Gutierrez1, D. Machado2, C. Liendo3, A. Morao4, L. Castillo3, L. Beltran5

1Minister of Defense, Military Health Secretary, Caracas, Venezuela, 2Minister of Defense, Military Education Secretary, Caracas, Venezuela, 3Guardia Nacional Bolivariana, Educational Secretary, Caracas, Venezuela, 4Aviacion Militar Bolivariana, Military Health Department, Maracay, Venezuela, 5UNFPA, Caracas, Venezuela

Background: The Military Health Secretary of Venezuela with AIDS Prevention and Control Committee (COPRECOS),in order to reduce HIV vulnerability of the military personnel, has been implementing since 2002 a project to train the military on HIV prevention,sexual, reproductive health and gender. The project includes technical support from UNFPA and UNAIDS. In this work frame we evaluate the effective of the prevention education programs to induces behavior change in the military youth.
Methods: Sixty questions about knowledge,attitudes and practices(KAP) survey regarding HIV were implemented in a mixed representation of first year students of the four institutions within Armed Forces (Army,Navy,Air Force and National Police) before initiated a educational program. One year later a new survey was done to evaluated safer behaviors. The SSPS computer software program used for quantitative and qualitative data analysis.
Results: 222 students participated in this study (30 % of the total 1th.year group),172 males (77,4%) and 50 females (22,6%) with a mean age of 18,5 for both group. 163 (95%) of the male participants and 38 (77%) of the female ones referred an active sexual life,with mean ages for first sexual contacts of 15.98 and 17.6 respectively. It was observed that 97,1% participants had an adequate knowledge level regarding sexuality, specially about HIV transmission, but only 54,4% men and 42% women reported condom use in their last sexual contact. 36% of both group keep information about possible HIV family hidden and 40% men refused to have a gay friend. In the second survey, condom uses increased in 75% for both groups and increases acceptation to people living with HIV.(p< 0,001)
Conclusions: After educational program implement in the regular instruction of the Venezuelan Armed Force, the cadets change their risk behavior and reduce stigma and discrimination among people living with HIV.

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