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Young people informing and counseling of the HIV on the web

C. Hidalgo

Instituto de Educación y Salud, Lima, Lima, Peru

Issue: New information and communication technologies (NICT) / Youth Participation. / Prevention of HIV and AIDS.
Description: Adolescents and young people in Latin America have a healthy alternative space on the web. The Punto J Portal (www.puntoj.com.pe) contains videos, radio spots, comic books, graphics, created to inform and guide young people about sexuality and HIV / AIDS to their peers. Young people from five cities in Peru, trained on sexuality, HIV and ICT participate.
Audiovisual materials, written papers and interactive material elaborated by these adolescents and other young volunteers who create screenplays, performed the pre and post-production.
The portal offers online counseling service via e-mail and chat themes. Adolescents and young people make their consultations to a character who characterize a diversity of young people. The answers are given by adolescents and other young people with the accompaniment of a technical team.
This project is led by the Institute of Education and Health (Peru) and has the technical and financial support of the International Center for Development Research (IRDC) and the Institute for Connectivity in the Americas (ICA). The experience has been spread to other Latin American countries and has been adapted in Ecuador, Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina and Dominican Republic.
Lessons learned: Adolescents and young people have highly developed skills for handling technologies, and the portal encourages them to use it to inform and guide on HIV, reaching thousands of users. The adult-youth partnership is very powerful for the construction of spaces of empowerment.
Yes, it is possible that the technologies will be put to the service of HIV prevention. In young people´s hands high quality products can be achieved through Internet, without losing the youthful language nor its spontaneity, preventive messages will have a youthful accent.
Next steps: Strengthen the strategy throughout Latin America.

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