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Lipodistrophy alterations: integrated assistance for people with HIV/AIDS from multidisciplinary team perspective

A. Pereira, I. Giraldi, T. Pacagnela

University of São Paulo, Psicologia, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil

Issues: For people with the HIV, alterations occur due to treatment's side effects. One of these alterations is lipodistrophy, characterized by a misdistribution of corporal fat, which influences an individual's image, This influence can lead to effects such as low self-esteem, social isolation, depressive states of mind and dropout from treatment. In order to deal with the effects of lipodistrophy, promote humanization and multidisciplinary work, a gym was created for people with the HIV/Aids in Ribeirão Preto (State of São Paulo, Brazil).
Description: The staff was composed of students and professional from areas such as Physical Education, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Psychology, who took part of meetings from March, 2005 to December, 2007 in order to discuss technical and psychosocial aspects related to the team work.
Lessons learned: In this period, thirty people were attended in the gym. Were performed individually interviewing all the member of the staff, it was possible to identify contents related to the assessment of the work performed, grouped in the following thematic categories: a) Integration, which contents were related to the interactions within the staff and between staff and gym users; b) Knowledge production, involving elements for building such knowledge inside the team, as a result of both informal or academic experience; c) Assessment, as both critics and self-critics regarding the work performed, considering non-achieved aims or questions related to multidisciplinary work; d) Perspectives, or intentions for continuing the activities, being them related to users' assistance or the professional career in general.
Next steps: Such thematic categories can subsidize the creation of a background for more humanized health assistance, pointing to the need for important changes in professional formation in health area which could involve appropriation of work in multidisciplinary staves. Such view can only be developed through practice and mediated by discussions and changes in health assistance. (CNPq)

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