XVIII International AIDS Conference


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"Do something well done and tell everyone what you did” - the mass campaigns and media, together in the fight against AIDS in São Paulo City (SP)

L. Oliveira Pinto de Abreu, P. Zavitoski Malavolta, R. Ramolo, E. Nogueira Gagizi, B. Souza Aguiar, C. Akemi Tanaka, C.E. Gonçalves Goulart, M.C. Abbate

Program of HIV/AIDS of the City São Paulo, Sao Paulo City Health Department, São Paulo, Brazil

Issues: Brazil was one of the first countries to stop associating AIDS campaigns with death, in order to give emphasis on prevention(condoms use), information and human rights, respect to sexual diversity and improve the HIV testing. Key factors such as epidemiological data, the participation of civil society, research and specific target guided the process of building a campaign, which aims at raising awareness and promoting preventive actions, as well attempt to behavioral changes. SP, with a population of almost 11 million of inhabitants, has about 60 more important medias outlets(radio, TV, press and websites), besides community radio stations and newspapers in the neighborhoods, which has enabled the STD/AIDS-SP use them as strategies of visibility.
Description: To achieve these goals, the STD/AIDS-SP conducts mass campaigns in specific dates as Carnival, Valentine´s Day, Gay Pride Parade, International Day of Fight against AIDS and for HIV Diagnostic Rapid Test, in places with large number of people around. Solid planning(organization, logistics and design) is developed by a multidisciplinary team in partnership with civil society, private companies and the press.
Lessons learned: Considering the early diagnosis and condom use are decisive factors in the fight against HIV, a strategic planning of communication actions and its inclusion in the mainstream media, turn them into an effective and enhancer instrument for actions and prevention policies, because it allows access to different messages to a large number of people, besides increase seeking for specialized facilities and testing. In 2009, the STD/AIDS-SP performed 177 campaigns and had 138 media inserts.
Next steps: The dissemination of information in mass campaigns is just possible with a detailed organization, including press releases with objective and clear information and total support to media groups. It is important to consider the specificities of the target, establish partnerships and provide an effectively follow-up to the media.

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