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The recognition of sex work within a framework of human rights and from a legal approach: reducing vulnerability to HIV and AIDS

A. Villon

Asociacion de Trabajadoras Sexuales, Lima, San Juan de Lurigancho, Peru

Issues: The recognition of sex work within a framework of Human Rights and from a legal approach: Reducing vulnerability to HIV and AIDS.
Description: Peru has a regulatory legal approach with respect to sex work. This means that sex work is not a crime, nevertheless the law do not recognizes that male and female sex workers are exposed to an extreme vulnerability; instead it condemns us to live in underground, where prevail sexual exploitation, pimping, trafficking. Female sex workers are exposed also to the violence by national and municipal police and the corruption of some bad elements are organized from the police for extortion and rape of male and female sex workers. Sex workers suffer social exclusion and the lack to a dignified old age, access to credit, housing programs, scholarships and comprehensive health care. Those shortcomings expose sex workers to situations put in risk their life and their health. Not to have a legal protection constitutes a discriminatory act and a serious political irresponsibility because, as all the citizens, sex workers are protected by the Peruvian Constitution and the signed treaties and International Conventions. Peruvian sex workers, representatives of different regions are motivated by a desire to promote the regulation of sex work to ensure their exercise, the respect for their fundamental rights and to contribute the improvement of public health policies and development that reduces vulnerability to sexually transmitted infections including HIV and AIDS and stigma, discrimination, exclusion and physical and psychological violence affecting our population.
Lessons learned: Sex workers go through a building process of a new law that recognizes and decriminalizes sex work.
Next steps: Make an advocacy plan for the introduction of this new law at the congress of the republic.

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