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Prevention of mother to child transmission (MTCT) of HIV/AIDS, syphilis and Chagas disease in the Northwestern provinces, Argentina

M. Vázquez1, M. Rojo1, L. Rodriguez1, F. Gareca1, V. Argañaraz1, M. Romeo2

1Fundacion Huesped, Epidemiology and Prevention, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2Consultora Equis, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Background: A comprehensive prevention program is developing in low-income neighborhoods of Jujuy and Salta, at Northwestern region, one of the poorest of the country. Before the beginning of the program a baseline study was carried out to identify gaps related to MTCT of AIDS, Syphilis and Chagas disease.
Methods: Personal domiciliary survey was applied among reproductive age women (n=567) residing in the intervention areas. Sampling error: +/- 5.61 for symmetric distributions and CI 95%.
Results: 82.9 % of reproductive age women were pregnant, 27% in the last two years. The pregnancy mean is 3.45. 20.2% of women had at least one abortion. 73.4% of recent pregnant women sought pre-natal care during first trimester. Controls mean was 9.67, but 16.9% had less than the 5 minimum recommended visits. 76 % had been tested for HIV during their last pregnancy; 43.5% during the first trimester; 49.5% during the second and 6.9% during the third trimester. Only 33.5% had been tested for syphilis and 50.6 % for Chagas. There were no cases of Syphilis and there were 7 of Chagas (prevalence 8.6%).59.2% didn't receive preventive information with the HIV test result. Regarding the pregnant women's knowledge they identify as contraceptive methods: pills (79.9%), condom (76.1%) and IUD (54.8). As sexually transmitted disease (STD) and HIV prevention methods 93.1% named condoms. Among HIV transmission ways: 88.1% identified vaginal sex, 33.9 % anal sex, 12.5% oral sex and 17.1% MTCT during the pregnancy, 10.1% during delivery and 9.4% during breastfeeding. Known STDs were: HIV/Aids 78.5%, Syphilis 63.5% and Herpes Simplex 12.6 %.
Conclusions: This baseline provides substantial information for the program focal points related to sexual and reproductive health prevention and pregnancy care, especially abortion, MTCT prevention and quality of VCT services in HIV, Syphilis and Chagas.
Program supported by an unrestricted grant from Pfizer Inc.

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