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Prevention among peers at workplace: an experience between Youth for Health Network and Starbucks youth partners

C. Valeriano1, B. Caceres1, L.D.E. Elizondo2, L. Villalba2

1Huesped Foundation, Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2Youth for Health Network (RJS), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Issues: In Argentina, youth (14-24 years) represent more of the 20% of the population and is greatly affected by the HIV epidemic. Youth access to information and education is limited, restricting future opportunities. Therefore, the development of strategies to improve youth access to information regarding HIV/AIDS prevention is essential.
Description: The Youth for Health Network (RJS) is a network of youth organizations working in HIV / AIDS with the technical assistance of Fundacion Huesped. During 2009 the RJS with Starbucks coffee employees participated in a peer multiplication project which aimed to train young employees of the store about Sexual health and HIV / AIDS.During the first step of the project, the RJS trained Starbucks employees about sexual and reproductive health. Then RJS and Starbucks partners formed teams to perform workshops for young people living in the Buenos Aires city. The workshops were organized in three stages: In the beginning of the workshops, the RJS youth showed a cultural product created by the network, including films, plays, songs, etc. Then the RJS and starbucks partner team organized a prevention activity to work about contents. The closing consisted in answering questions and hand out fliers and condoms to youngsters.
Lessons learned: The multiplication between youth is a successful strategy to promote communication about sexual and reproductive health contents.The alliance between youth organizations and enterprises with young employees is an innovative model of exchange, training and learning to give a leading role to young people.
Next steps: During the 2010, the youth of RJS with Starbucks partners will organize awareness workshops with other employees and will, also plan joint actions such as festivals, workshops and events of HIV / AIDS prevention and Health Promotion.

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