XVIII International AIDS Conference


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The no-criminalization of sex work as contribution for an universal health access

A. Villon

Asociaciación Civil de Trabajadoras Sexuales Miluska Vida y Dignidad, Lima, San Juan de Lurigancho, Peru

Issues: The No-criminalization of sex work as contribution for an universal health access.
Description: Althrough sex work isn't a crime the Peruan authorities don't have the comprehension about the issue and the concepts about sex work which lead to a conflation between pimping, trafficking in persons, kidnapping, sexual exploitation, adults and children etc.Without the understanding the matter sex workers are affected by an male chauvinist concept which sanctions the prostitution with repressive and anti-constitutional regulations and attacks their sexual rights, dignity and the freedom of movement.These measures produce as consequences the criminalization of sex work which not only refuse our rights but also treat us as criminals and impede the access to Aids prevention. The social exclusion and intolerance leads to hostile behaviour against sex workers and furthermore to extortion, violence and by the police and municipality; in addition to anti-prostitution campaigns, persecution of sex workers as criminals, alimention of hate against sex workers and their partners until that persons think to do the society a favour if they kill a prostitute. This situation brings our lives and health into an extreme vulnerability. The criminalization avoids the access to preservatives and health services.In these circunstances the sex worker have organized themselves and have presented a strategic plan of impact politics which caused a public hearing and brought the debate to the authorities. We achieved to arouse the interest of various sectors, especially those which have programs to combat the epidemy of HIV and Aids.
Lessons learned: Follow-up of the implementation plan to put the discussion about the No-criminalization and recognition of sex work on the agenda.
Next steps: Introducing bills about the recognition of sex work and the abolition of anti-constitutional regulations.

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