XVIII International AIDS Conference


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Conjugality and prevention

A. Yamacake1, N.S. Santos2, C. Westin2, E. Filipe2, Work Group on the Reference Conjugality Manual

1CE DST AIDS do Estado de São Paulo, Prevention, São Paulo, Brazil, 2Programa Estadual de DST/HIV/aids - Secretaria Estadual de Saúde, Prevenção, São Paulo, Brazil

Issues: The Brazilian society has been marked by a structure where prevails a representation that define places and positions for women, Blacks and Whites, rich and poor, and one type of organization with emphasis on family values with demarcation of gender roles.
The conception of conjugality of modern couples is committed to the idea of a singular psychological encounter and being baffled by the idea of transcendence. In the case of homosexual couples the possibility of gender classification is abolished. Socially, heterosexuality still represents the natural order of things. Homosexuality is still seen as different and demands an explanation of its rules in its language, that is: that of married life as equal and another coming from the symbolic ordering of homosexuality. Facing the many different contexts of conjugality we realize the need of working on new proposals to prevent STD / AIDS.
Description: In order to discuss the existing interfaces between the prevention of STD / AIDS and the sexual-affective relations and of power in the various marital arrangements a technical group composed of health professionals and representatives of civil society was created to develop a reference manual. It strengthens traditional prevention practices and emphasized the importance of new prevention strategies for stable couples. These strategies introduce the need to invest in the dialogue between couples in conjugality, to perform possible covenants considering the different situations, since the possibility of caching HIV causes uncertainty in both heterosexual and homosexual couples.
Lessons learned: This process allowed reviewing gender issues and sexuality and the construction of a new strategy of prevention deconstructing myths, stigmas and prejudices.
Next steps: Publication of the reference manual and training health services for the proposed new strategies of STD / AIDS prevention.

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