XVIII International AIDS Conference


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The health company - prevention is the solution

L. Kamel, J.M. Silva, M. Silvana, J.C. Raxach, M.C. Pimenta

ABIA - Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Issues: The group “Health Cia.” is a popular theatrical and dance group composed of adolescent youth (male/female) from poor communities in Rio de Janeiro coordinated by the Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association-ABIA since 2005 involved in HIV/AIDS prevention. Group participants are mostly Afro-brazilians. The group undergoes capacity building in dance, music and theater and composes sketches and more recently video animations about sexuality, adolescent pregnancy, children and youths rights, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, racism and intolerance.
Description: With the use of popular/street theater and provocative texts and musical instruments they present the sketches dancing and singing in public squares, schools, detention centers, metro stations and bus terminals. The group also developed their first animated video on sexuality and adolescent pregnancy which is being used as an instrument for discussions on the theme.
Lessons learned: The role of the group has expanded from simple information giving to debate mediators especially in schools and small communities. In addition, the group and the capacity building workshops at ABIA became a reference for the youth for alternative forms of life from the violent communities they came from.
Next steps: In order to praise and value the voices and opinions of the youth, and to create new channels of communication to expand the impact of their work to other youth, and network with other youth projects a “hotsite” will be created and they will be trained to use it.

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