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Adherence to ARVs in Cuba. Is it a problem?

C. Aragones Lopez1,2, J.R. Campos Diaz1,2, L. Sanchez Valdes3, L.J. Perez Avila4

1Institute of Tropical Medicine ¨Pedro Kouri¨, Biostatistics and Informatics, La Habana, Cuba, 2GPSIDA, Group of Prevention of AIDS, La Habana, Cuba, 3Institute of Tropical Medicine ¨Pedro Kouri¨, Epidemiology Department, La Habana, Cuba, 4Institute of Tropical Medicine ¨Pedro Kouri¨, Hospital, La Habana, Cuba

Background: Despite of early and effective measures taken by the Cuban health system, the number of new diagnoses of HIV has continued growing. From 2001, Cuba guarantees antiretroviral therapy to all people who need it in the country. There are used combinations of ARVs nationally produced or procured by the Global Fund. As a result of these measures, the number of deaths and illnesses has radically diminished.
Methods: We carried out a cross-sectional study to know the current state of adherence to the antiretroviral treatment in people that live with AIDS in Cuba. The sample is representative of all people taking ARV treatment in the country in that moment and take into account both sexes and all different counties. The survey has 10 fundamental groups which include: Memory, Communication with the doctor of attention, Communication with the family doctor, Relationship with the family, Relationship with friendships and partners, self-efficacy, Commitment, general Opinions, Completion of ARV doses and nutrition.
Results: A total of 843 people were interviewed. Of them 62.57% reported perfect adherence, while 2.01% has abandoned the treatment. The factors that most influence on development of a good adherence are: relationship with the doctor and the community doctor, family, friends and co-workers support.
Conclusions: It is important to improve the support network around people with HIV under treatment to obtain good results in adherence. It is important to continue studying the factors than influence in the achievement of a perfect adherence.

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