XVIII International AIDS Conference


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Training young citizens in host and humanization in STD/AIDS

T.-M. Pettersen, P.S. Stockler, D. Assis Gonçalves

Centro de Referencia e Treinamento DST/Aids de São Paulo, Desenvolvimento de Recursos Humanos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Background: “Program Jovens Acolhedores” is a humanization action that introduces university students in public health services to accomodate the population. The Center of Reference and Training in STD/AIDS it is the seat of state coordination of STD/AIDS in São Paulo. To provide a service in a institution with this profile, requires training to deal with the subjectivity and diversity of the population served in accordance with the standards of the Unified Health System of Brazil (SUS) and Humanization Policy. The aim of our work is to develop a training program for university students with subjects that prepare them to receive and guide the population served by the service.
Methods: For this we have created a training plan with monthly activities with the themes: SUS, Health and citizenship, Prevention thecnologies, National Policy of Humanization in Health, National Policy of Education and Work Management.
Results: The six workshops that we had constituted a space for reflection and training about the importance of knowing the public service, better understand the disease and its and its psychosocial conponentes showing the importance of continuing education.
Conclusions: We concluded that the work has promoted the humane care of the health service and continuing education improved patients´ adherence to the health service.

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