XVIII International AIDS Conference


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Art and health in the prevention of HIV/AIDS

S. Vilchez, A. de Oliveira, P. Helena Vaquero Marques, D. de Assis Gonçalves

Programa Estadual de DST/Aids de São Paulo, Prevenção, São Paulo, Brazil

Issues: This report describes the experience that has been held since December 2007, the Department of State Program for Prevention of STD / AIDS in Sao Paulo. Starting from the principles of interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity, we show how it is being built into a social network that identifies and develops strategies that use various artistic languages to prevent HIV / AIDS.
Description: Our working group has been meeting monthly, involving the following social actors including the municipal STD / AIDS State of Sao Paulo, non-governmental organizations, independent artists, professional or amateur. The main objectives are: Improve knowledge and strategies that guide practices of art and health in the state of Sao Paulo, the focus of prevention of HIV / AIDS, promote joint health services, practitioners of art and other government sectors such as education and culture.
Lessons learned: The communication of the artistic object is given by channels such as emotion, amazed, intuition, associations, evocations (Coli, 2006). Notice that communication can not simply be used by verbal language daily. We've realized on those working years, the increasing support of the municipal STD / AIDS in our project. In 2009 we conducted an Artistic Program at the First Paulista Meeting Prevention, involving 200 participants and several types of art: photography, music, theater, visual arts. This program was carried out by artists, NGOs and health professionals. Thus we can see the growing interest in this strategy. Art can participate in the work of health care: facilitating a conversation, opening new channels of dialogue, communicating and educating, without losing the status of art.
Next steps: Continuity of the group to implement the interface art and Health, identifying existing opportunities and creating new alternatives for work in preventing HIV / AIDS. Hold in 2011 a meeting Paulista of Art, Health and Prevention.

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