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Profile of a cohort of transgender sexual workers living with HIV/AIDS in Buenos Aires, Argentina

J.J. Toibaro1, G. Viloria2, M. Bullo2, M. Losso2

1Hospital General de Agudos José M Ramos Mejía, Inmunocomprometidos, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2Hospital General de Agudos José M Ramos Mejía, Servicio de Inmunocomprometidos, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Background: Despite their disproportionate high HIV prevalence, little information is available on characteristics of transgender people infected with HIV.
Methods: Objectives: To describe a cohort of transgender people living with HIV/AIDSt followed at our clinic, including clinical, inmunological and virological outcomes at 48 weeks of follow-up. A prospective cohort study was designed to capture data on socio-demographic status, illicit drugs use, STIs diagnosis and clinical, virological and inmunological profile of transgender people with HIV infection followed between 2001-2009.
Results: We included 103 cases. Mean age was 28.8 yrs. (17- 62), 42.9% (28/80) had < 10 yrs. of formal education and 47.3% (44/93).use illicit drugs. The most common sexual identity interventions were silicones use 82% (57/69), hormones 54.7% (29/53) and mammary prosthesis 27.9% (19/68). All the individuals with criteria to start antiretroviral effectively initiate therapy [45.6% (47/103)]. However, the lost to follow-up rate was 21%. The cohort profile is shown in the table.
Conclusions: In our study transgender people has a very high lost to follow up rate. More information is necessary to design strategies to improve retention and access to the health care system.Tuberculosis was the more frequent opportunistic infection and the main cause of death.

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