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Humanization and volunteering as support of the management of specialized services in DST/Sida: the experience of the Center of Reference and Training STD/AIDS São Paulo

P.S. Stockler, T.-M. Pettersen, D. Assis Gonçalves

Centro de Referencia e Treinamento DST/Aids de São Paulo, Desenvolvimento de Recursos Humanos, São Paulo, Brazil

Background: In 2002, the Center of Reference and Training in STD/AIDS began structuring the actions of humanization and volunteering. The institution has always had the support of volunteers who cooperated with the improvement of care; however this work was not systematized neither articulated. The present work aims at structure the humanization's actions to support the management services integrating the volunteer services in the health care.
Methods: For this, several things was done: mapping of the institutional demand, identification of employees to support and jointly develop the projects, deployment of incoming flows to volunteer, referrals for civil supporters for training courses in the Center of Volunteering of São Paulo and setting standards bylaws.
Results: Over 8 years, the humanizations' actions received 241 volunteer, being this divided in 7 principals projects: “Read with me” (120), Toy-library (90), Caregivers (12), Art- therapy (5), Theater (1), Chaplaincy (8) and Alternative Therapies (5). During theses years were trained 387 volunteers. Note that the best results happens when had integrated services to the needs of management. The active attitude of the supervisors of volunteers in development of work is also very important.
Conclusions: Currently lies in conclusion in the selection process of volunteers and need for coverage of draft work is constants challenges. Make all supervisors of volunteers be more active and monitor more closely the work are challenges too. Others importants results will be exposed in the presentation.

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