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Gay youth behavior and AIDS

C.V. Gonçalves Silva, M. Caetano

Grupo Arco Íris, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Background: Data from recent epidemiological bulletins suggest a complex scenario. The epidemic initially affected mainly gay and other MSM and now it points to stabilization within these groups. MSM younger population is most vulnerable to the virus showing increasing HIV infection rates. The percentage of cases among adolescents, regardless of sexual identity, aged between 13 and 19 years increased from 18% in 1990 to 40% in 2005. Faced with this epidemic trend and the permanence of a high incidence among gay men and other MSM, Grupo Arco-Íris counting with the support from the Dutch government, through its partnership with the Schorer Foundation, developed the survey "gay youth behavior and AIDS."
Methods: The survey was divided in two stages: 1st. Step - the implementation of 150 questionnaires among young men with homosexual practices, from 14 to 29 years of age in Rio de Janeiro (Central Zone, North Zone, South Zone and friendship networks) and 2nd. Step - implementation of five focus groups with 25 young men who participated in the first step. The aim of the survey was the design of sexual behaviors and vulnerabilities, socioeconomic issues, networks of sociability, access to public health policies, education, assistance and other forms of violence to which these people are subjected.
Results: The information shows the high use of inappropriate lubricants for sex. Although a high percentage of respondents have stated use lubricants water based, many young people interviewed said they used Vaseline (22.3%), cosmetics (25%) and net of his own penis (13.5%).
Conclusions: The research indicate some risk practices that could reinforce vulnerability of young MSM and point out issues to be addressed in the AIDS preventions work.

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