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School census as monitoring tools for health and prevention policies for young people

N. Vieira1, J. Silva1, I. Botão1, M. Braga2, M.R. Gomes2, M.D.F. Malheiro3

1Ministry of Health, STD, AIDS and Hepatitis Department, Brasília, Brazil, 2UNESCO Brazil, Educação, Brasília, Brazil, 3Ministry of Education, Brasilia, Brazil

Issues: The school census is a Ministry of Education structure currently used to accompany and evaluate education policies in Brazil. Since 2005 the Brazilian Government has included questions specifically designed to monitor the trajectory of themes related to its health promotion and prevention education actions in schools. The questionnaire inset dedicated to health poses questions on activities carried out in schools. It is a closed-ended type questionnaire designed to construct indicators that can contribute to strengthening prevention in the school environment.
Description: The 2008 Census data show that 94% of the 99,316 schools that returned the Health Insert mentioned that they conducted health promotion and prevention education activities. Around 52 thousand schools undertake activities related to HIV and AIDS prevention and among them 12% make condoms available. The greatest differences appeared in relation to sexual diversity where the number of school that mentioned any activity concerning the issue was much smaller (28,000). Around 55,000 schools offering basic education conduct activities of the Health and Prevention in Schools Project (HPS). The Project is a join Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health intervention in a partnership with UNESCO, UNICEF and UNFPA and the main objective is to undertake articulated actions
to combat STD/AIDS among youngsters in school.
Lessons learned: Conducting surveys and gathering information on health and prevention is vital for delineating a diagnosis of the actions being carried out in schools around the country and to inform and support the construction of STD/AIDS prevention strategies that include providing access to condoms in schools. The results obtained underscore the importance of government investment in intersectoral policies to combat the epidemic, including the expansion HPS.
Next steps: Continue gathering information in 2010 and ensure that all schools fill in the Health Insert in the School Census questionnaire.

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