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Prevention of STIs, HIV and AIDS among transgender sex workers and promotion of human rights in Santo Domingo

H. Mercedes Vales

Alianza GTH, Consultor, Santo Domingo, D.N., Dominican Republic

Issues: Strengthening community groups, training peer educators, Face to face, Impact activities, International Partnerships.
Description: Strengthening community groups: In May 2006 as part of an strategic of the Alliance of Gay, Transgenders and other MSM- Alianza GTH- was born the community group of transgenders called TRANSSA, identifying the main problems facing the community, among which are: Lack of adequate knowledge about prevention HIV and AIDS among transgenders, the dual stigmatization of PWLH/Trans, absence of a legal anti-discrimination, transphobic attitudes from official authorities, lack of political commitment of this population, unemployment and lack of education , among others.
Lessons learned: Peer Educators Training: Conformation of a group of 32 educators Transgender doing the work of promoting human rights and health with peers. Capacitating of these educators is permanent and multidisciplinary they develop and update the group blog
Face to face contacts are made in places of entertainment that frequents the Trans community in shows of transvestism and sexual workspaces, at the Beach, in the Park. Recognition of institutions and individuals that support the Trans community, Parties, Photographic Exhibitions, Conferences, Theater and Weddings.
Trans activists have participated in sharing experiences in Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Curacao and representatives from Chile, Argentina and Cuba have participated in our country
Next steps: After three years of continuous work and have been emboldened a group of trans activists, the challenge is to expand these actions throughout the country and promote regional projects that focus on community work from a holistic perspective. The development of audiovisual materials themselves and the insertion of the Trans community training programs Technical Education is a project that is in their implementation phase in the short term.

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