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The regionalization as state of Rio de Janeiro's management strategy

S. Losekann, D. Pires, N. Zuccaro, A. Chieppe, M. Melo, S. Aguiar

SESDEC (State of Rio de Janeiro Civil Defense and Health Department), Gerência de DST/AIDS, Sangue e Hemoderivados (STD/AIDS Programme), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Issues: Decentralization is a Brazilian public health policy's guideline occurring intensively during the 1990s by the municipalization of resources and services. This process has lead to a big focus at the local level, but as there are municipalities with very little income, they can not cover services at different levels of complexity where HIV demands. Apart from that, there are municipalities with small population, making the service idle. The solution was including some nearby municipalities with similar characteristics. This allowed a collaborative management among them, forming a wider network.
Description: In order to serve the purpose of regionalization, the State STD / AIDS Program promoted bimonthly meetings with seven state regions, called regional forums, to bring together municipal STD / AIDS coordinators and other strategic actors in responding to STD / AIDS in order to promote integrated actions and exchange experiences among municipalities.
Lessons learned: Through these forums it was possible to strengthen the municipalities by exchanging experience and edifying some actions when carried out regionally they gain greater visibility, as World AIDS Day campaign held in the metropolitan area, but always serving the local realities.
Next steps: The institutionalization of the regional forums and the implementation of regional financing are the challenges for 2010.

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