XVIII International AIDS Conference


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The International Center for Technical Cooperation on HIV/AIDS and horizontal technical cooperation in AIDS between developing countries

J. Nunes Neto, C. Passarelli, G. Almeida, G. Liliequist

Ministry of Health - Brazil, International Center for Technical Cooperation on HIV/AIDS, Brasilia, Brazil

Issues: Horizontal technical cooperation is an effective approach for strengthening national responses to AIDS that can be successfully applied to both South-South Cooperation and cooperation between developing and developed countries.
Description: Horizontal technical cooperation is an approach that involves all parties in an equal manner when constructing, monitoring and evaluation cooperation activities and projects. It seeks to fully address the needs of partner countries with tailor fit solutions, whilst discarding conditionality and pre-set packages with limited applicability for developing countries that are typical for traditional donor-recipient models. Horizontal cooperation has been a key component of the South-South Cooperation facilitated by the International Center for Technical Cooperation on HIV/AIDS (ICTC), providing for an exchange of knowledge and best-practices for all the partner countries involved. Horizontal cooperation is also suitable for cooperation activities focused on building the capacity of a specific partner country. ICTC has, for example, worked to facilitate cooperation between Brazil and other developing countries where the primary objective has been to develop the capacity of these by sharing the experience of the Brazilian response to AIDS in a way that is adapted to local realities.
Lessons learned: By emphasizing equality, horizontal cooperation may be better positioned to address country needs in accordance with national priorities and local realities than traditional models. Having an institution serve as an intermediary can make a substantial difference in facilitating the construction of horizontal cooperation initiatives.
Next steps: Recognizing the importance of strengthening national responses to AIDS in line with the 'Three Ones' Principles, ICTC will continue to work based on horizontal technical cooperation and actively promote its application by partners working with international cooperation and the provision of technical support.

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