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Challenges in Mexico: index of national policy on HIV/AIDS

J.A. Izazola-Licea1, E. Loo2, P. Rivera2, C. Magis2

1Centro Nacional para la Prevención y Control del SIDA, Director General, Distrito Federal, Mexico, 2Centro Nacional para la Prevención y Control del SIDA, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Objective: To evaluate progress of commitments on Monitoring the Declaration of Commitment HIV / AIDS 2010 (Ungasan) Programs for HIV / AIDS / STI in 32 states of Mexico.
Methodology: We performed with the tool of National Composite Policy Index, administered by the State Programs for HIV / AIDS in Mexico, government officials and NGOs. The questionnaires were analyzed and evaluated to monitor progress of commitments to this epidemic.
Results: The 25% of staff rated the strategic planning efforts and HIV programs good to excellent, while 10% of NGO´s has a similar assessment, civil society has contributed to the political commitment of leaders with assistance planning meetings and reviewing drafts, strategic policy change 25% in the government with 75%, the efforts devoted to the implementation of programs of treatment, care and support at government level has increased from 2004 to 2009 to 85%, in exchange for services rendered in prevention, treatment, care and support related to HIV, NGOs, qualify for 70%. The governmental level of 70% in 2007th 80% in the 2009.
Conclusion: Mexico has followed up on these commitments 2004-2010, major achievements as having universal access to antiretroviral treatment, reflecting the overall implementation of strategic policies relating to the response to HIV. One of the major obstacles is not having qualified personnel in health units for care of people with HIV so that patients have quality of care and monitoring. Failure to implement policies to improve negotiations with the pharmaceutical industry to get prices commensurate with the level of development of the country and shore up prevention programs targeting youth.

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