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The PANCAP experience: an international best practice

C.F. Browne

CARICOM Secretariat/Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV & AIDS, PANCAP Coordinating Unit, Greater Georgetown, Guyana

Issues: Designated an international best practice by UNAIDS, this abstract describes the processes, accomplishments, challenges and the lessons learned through the unique experience of the Pan Caribbean Partnership against HIV and AIDS (PANCAP) over its near 10-year existence.
Description: Established by the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in 2001, PANCAP serves a population of 39 million people. The PANCAP experience is a case study of how contiguous countries could collaborate and pool resources to build synergy in a regional response to HIV.
The regional approach of PANCAP demonstrates how 65 different governmental and non-governmental agencies coalesced around one regional strategic plan, one regional coordinating mechanism and a core set of indicators in advancing universal access. The synergy has been demonstrated through the increasing adoption of good public policies, reduced cost of services, stabilization of regional HIV infection rates and even reduced incidence in some individual countries. The approach has also served as a stimulus for significantly enhanced technical and financial resource mobilization.
Lessons learned: Many lessons have emerged from the PANCAP experience and are summarized as follows:
§ High-level political leadership is foundational to an enduring regional response to HIV
§ A strategic framework with clear priorities, roles and responsibilities is essential for sustained collaborative action
§ Individual organizational strengths must be assessed and harnessed for the benefit of the whole
§ Building capacities among all partner agencies, especially among those with demonstrated weaknesses, is vital
§ Prominence of networks of PLH strengthens the response and enhances the credibility of the partnership.
Next steps: The emerging PANCAP agenda focuses on strengthening technical capacity, enhancing communication among partners and evaluating performance against defined goals.

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